In the Media

"Saputo-Chilliwack Scandal: More Animal Abuse Fallout", CTV News, 2014 View
"'Corporate Social Responsibility at the Crossroads", The morning show 'Life Matters', ABC Radio, February 2014 View

“Turkish protest: Think Tehran in 2009, not an Arab Spring”, The Globe and Mail, 3 June 2013 View

"India’s generics drug ruling will help, not hinder, innovation”, The Globe and Mail, Op-Ed, 2 April 2013 View

    "Never mind the drama. The euro's here to stay", The Globe and Mail, Op-Ed, 24 November 2011 View

    “Wider die akademische Vetternwirtschaft” [Against academic cronyism], Guest Commentary, Spiegel Online, 27 February 2011 View

    Official Summit Blogger for the 2010 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, 24-25 June 2010, New York City View
    “It can no more stop at plain vanilla charity”, Business and Economy (Indian version of The Economist or Business Week), 3 October 2008, p. 120
    “Wir brauchen eine globale Social Community” [We need a global social community], Interview, Handelsblatt, 26 November 2007, Issue 228, p. B6

    CBC Morning Broadcast, 7 interviews on corporate responsiblity for product safety, product recalls, labour conditions in China, by local CBC stations in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Quebec City, Cape Breton (Sydney), Windsor, Winnipeg and Victoria, November 2007
    “Anglo-Saxon Plot or Business Distraction?”, 800 word Op/ed, in EMBASSY – Canada’s Foreign Policy Newsweekly, 18 April 2007, Issue 150, p. 15

    Numerous mentions of my research in recent years, including New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt, MacLeans, The Scotsman on Sunday, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Ethical Corporation Magazine, Ethical Performance Magazine, The Toronto Star,
    Numerous interviews on public radio and TV, incl. CBC Radio, Radio Canada International, Global TV, Omni TV

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