Working Papers / Reports

D. Matten, Impakt Consulting
Corporate Social Responsibility in Junior Mining Companies, Impakt Consulting White Paper Series, Toronto 2013
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K. Bondy, D. Matten, J. Moon
MNC Codes of Conduct: CSR or Corporate Governance? , Research Paper Series of ICCSR 40-2006
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D. Matten, M. Pincham
Consumer-oriented offers of CSR information in selected EU-countries, Report on a joint project on consumer-oriented offers of CSR information in six EU-countries, with IMUG Hannover, Germany for the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, London 2006
D. Matten, J. Moon
'Implicit' and 'Explicit' CSR: A conceptual framework for understanding CSR in Europe, Research Paper Series of ICCSR 29-2004
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A. Crane, D. Matten
Questioning the Domain of the Business Ethics Curriculum: Where the Law ends or Where it Starts?, Research Paper Series of ICCSR 21-2004
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J. Moon, A. Crane, D. Matten
Can corporations be citizens? Corporate Citizenship as a metaphor for business participation in society (2nd Edition), Research Paper Series of ICCSR 13-2003
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K. Williams, M. Geppert, D. Matten
Challenges for the German model of employee relations in the era of globalization, Research Paper Series of ICCSR 05-2003
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D. Matten, A. Crane
Corporate Citizenship: Towards an extended theoretical conceptualisation, Research Paper Series of ICCSR 04-2003
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D. Matten
The impact of the Risk Society thesis on environmental politics and management in a globalising economy - principles, proficiency, perspectives, EBMS/2001/12 (Working paper series of the European Business Management School, University of Wales Swansea)

M. Geppert, K. Williams, D. Matten
The Social Construction of Change Management in MNCs: an Anglo-German Comparison, EBMS/2001/9
M. Geppert, D. Matten, K. Williams
The Design of Work Systems in National Subsidiaries of Multinational Companies: Globalisation, National Institutions and Managerial Choice, EBMS/2001/7

D. Matten
Stakeholder involvement in corporate environmental risk management – An interdisciplinary theoretical approach, EBMS/2000/15
D. Matten
Umweltmanagement und Globalisierung – Konzeptionelle Überlegungen aus betriebswirtschaftlicher Sicht, EBMS/2000/14

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